Apr 2, 2008

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

4/02/2008 — cori

...lived my children and their alter egos. They each have their own 'world' with rules, languages and people. It's amazing to me how much these worlds mirror their own daily lives with the exception that they are the ones in control, not Mommy or Daddy. I guess this is their coping mechanism for dealing with the unfair and unjust treatment periodically disposed on them by their captors in this, the present and real world that they are forced to live in. Thus begins the saga...

(note: all stories have been authenticated and fully explained by the main inhabitant of said world.

This is a big city. It stretches from Daddy's room to the upstairs couch. Her Mommy name is Sarah and she is 25, but her kid name is Chloe. Her main kid is Baby and she is 12. She also has other kids whose names are Flank (age 12) and Lessaneen and Kless (both 2). Her friend is Jefanina and she is 12 and plans on staying to her house forever (her exact phraseology). There are several dresses they like to wear here, they are: a Barbie dress, a snow white dress (but she doesn't know where it is), a bride dress and her 'becital' (translated: recital) dress. Her becital is in March where they show people dances.

(post script: at this phase of the dictation, the main inhabitant of this world ran off to demonstrate the dances to be seen at said becital)

If you are lucky enough to live in this world, you would herald yourself a 'Bennetonian'. This is a fabulous place. Everyone who lives here is part of Bennett's family - thus, this is a highly social planet. However, he has declared himself King. Everyone here has a house made out of Three Musketeers candy bars with Mike and Ikes for the roofs. They love cereal, chocolate and caramel. They eat and play all day and then watch t.v the rest of the afternoon. If you live here, you can walk through walls, you have super vision (can see through stuff) as well as superb hearing. Add to that super strength, super speed and the ability to stretch very far...there's pretty much nothing you can't do. They enjoy playing football and basketball. You will also see a plethora of cheetahs, lions, jaguars, panthers, hawks and wolves - but they don't hurt you. If you can talk in random, nonsense speak, then you pretty much have the language of Bennetonians down pat.

(preface: in the interest of saving time, this has been edited down to a shorter version. To understand and appreciate Gavinworld in it's entirety, you must go to it's official website: www.supergem.blogspot.com. This small, limited space doesn't begin to do it justice.)

Gavintalians have great t.v. that they spend 3 hours watching daily. There are skyscrapers reaching 20 miles into the sky. One fourth of the world is city and the other three fourths are forest and oceans. Everyone knows each other and calls each other "dude", but it comes out sounding like "dud". Each Gavitalian is outfitted with the following powers: supersonic hearing and vision as well as heat ray vision. This is solely for the purpose of staying aware of bad guys within the vicinity and knowing when to run away and hide.

The main inhabitant's name is Marsupial Garfbowl. His work is very similar to Superman's job. He works in the newspaper industry as well as working as a computer guy part-time on the side. They have really good jobs in Gavinworld such as: computers, making vehicles as well as fighting crime (that's only a night job).

SuperGavin (a.k.a. Marsupial Garfbowl when he's not fighting crime) is superstrong, can fly, has all kinds of vision: microscopic, telescopic, x-ray and heat. He is hurt proof and can hold his breath for 120 hours in order to fly into outerspace in case a crime fighting expedition takes him that way.

The people aren't as lazy as Bennetonian's (his words - not mine). They keep their house in good shape and love to play games such as Loot, Phase 10, Uno, Ziggity, Yahtzee and Star Wars video games. You will also be pleased to know that they have great libraries here - all the books you want along with a great cataloging system. Gavintalians are also very smart!

Everything is ranked here in Gavinworld, even the chocolate. The rankings are as follows: The category of Best goes to Milk Chocolate. The rest are listed in descending order: Green Chocolate, White Chocolate and lastly Dark Chocolate.

In Gavinworld one never gets sick. Bonus! They have special counting techniques. Follow closely, it can get a little confusing. Begin counting as normal, however, once you reach 29 continue on with 20-10, 20-11, 20-12, 20-13 and so forth. This practically doubles the amount of numbers. Swell.

And there you have it. I'm amazed at how often the Real world and these other worlds collide. I often wander between worlds in a daze, never exactly sure where I am and who I'm speaking to. Just one more way they mess with my mind. But I've got to admit - I love it!

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