Jun 26, 2013

The Trade

6/26/2013 — cori
My love is fickle, fragile and fails
Jesus' love is steady, secure and sacrificial

My joy wavers under the weight of worry
Jesus' joy is consistent in each circumstance

My faith falters because of fear
Jesus' faith is pure and profound

My pride sacrifices others to make me feel better
Jesus' pride was sacrificed for me in humility

My desires are selfish and benefit me alone
Jesus' desires seek only the benefit of others

I judge the poor, Jesus meets their needs
I look away at the sight of the naked, Jesus clothes them
I feel pity for the oppressed, Jesus gives them dignity
I hoard my food, Jesus feeds the hungry
I fear the imprisoned, Jesus meets them where they are
I mock those different from me, Jesus loves them anyways

The difference is blatant, big and bizarre
The gap between Jesus and me is far

I'm not perfect nor pretend to be
I need help to be all that Jesus asks of me

I need more than help, I need a life brand new
That is what His gift was to me and you

He fills me up with all that He is
I just need to remember that I am His

I cry out to Him when my efforts run dry
He reminds me that He is all I need and to not even try

"Trust in Me" he says, "Have faith", "Wait on Me"
"I am making you all that you need to be"

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