Aug 17, 2018

Gavin's New Baby

8/17/2018 — cori

So...this happened the other day.

Gavin bought his first car (second actually, we gave him his first one, but this is the one he chose all on his own and spent his own money on). So grown up.

When we moved to Colorado, his beloved Popemobile was unable to move with us. It would have died or fallen apart before we left the state of Minnesota. He's still salty about this, and who could blame him. Everyone loves their first car - warts and all. So he's been without a car for over a year now. That's a big deal to a kid his age who values his independence. 

Once he came home for the summer and got a job, he knew he'd be able to take out a loan to buy his car. He was very specific from the beginning about what type of car it would be too. Only a Volvo would do. He really wanted Popemobile II, but that was not to be, unfortunately. Every time he found a white Volvo, it slipped through his fingers. But then he came upon this little gem. I actually have car envy. It's a loaded 2006 Volvo SE with only 116,000 miles. It is in immaculate condition and it was in his price range. 

Sadly, the bank wouldn't give him a car loan for a car older than 10 years, but they would give him a personal loan with a much higher interest rate. Well, Grandma and Grandpa would hear none of that. That knew Gavin to be one of the most responsible 19 year olds around and offered to give him the loan he need, interest free. The beauty of families. Now everyone is happy. 

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