Mar 22, 2006


3/22/2006 — cori

The other night I gave the boys a break and set the table for them. Nice of me, I know. (I hope you see my tongue in cheek here). Actually, they had been so sweet all day just helping out where needed without any argument or complaining. So, instead of asking them to do their nightly chore, I did it for them because I had a plan in mind.

We have two 'special' plates. One that says: You Are Loved on it and another that the boys painted themselves at a pottery shop. They both hold high value in this house. Every night at least one person has the honor of the You Are Loved plate. Normally that one person is always me. Gavin is in love with me right now and always prefers to give me that special plate much to Bennett's chagrin. Bennett feels he deserves this plate every night.

So, on this very special day, I decided to set the table and distribute the 'special' plates at my own discretion. I gave Bennett the You Are Loved plate and Gavin the painted plate. Since they had such special plates, I decided to round out the setting and even give them a coaster on which to place their drinks. Normally, their plates fit inside their little plastic placemat area leaving enough room for the drinks to also fit without the need for a coaster.

But this was no ordinary night. I even set their plastic little cups on coasters. This attention to detail did not escape Bennett's line of sight. As they came running into the kitchen for dinner and settled into their places, Bennett declares, "Gavin, look....we even have COASTERS!"

Ahh! The simple things in life. Therein lies our parenting's the little things in life that matter most and make you the happiest. I know I won't remember this moment in the years to come, but they will. And I will always be thankful that I took the time to give them coasters.

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