Apr 24, 2007

A Happy Heart

4/24/2007 — cori

The other day, as Bennett and I were in his room coloring lots of awesome Spiderman pictures, I was just overcome with the joy that comes in just spending time with my kids. And in this case, especially Bennett. Being around him always means having a smile on your face or giggle in your tummy. And being that he is the middle child, I always try to consciously spend some alone time with him each day just to show him that he is special and important to me too. Thus, the coloring of the plethura of pictures.

As we sat there, I just watched him as his tongue creatively moved in and out as he was busily concentrating on coloring and my heart smiled. I asked him, "Honey, do you know what makes my heart happy?"

He doesn't even look up or lift his crayon, he replies, "Hugs?"

"Well, yes, those do make me happy. But that's not what I'm thinking about. Guess again."


"Oh yes. I love kisses. But that's not it either. What else you got?"

"Me...looking handsome?"

(Trying to hide huge grin) "Oh yes! That indeed makes my heart happy. I love how handsome you are. But that's not it either."


At this point, I can't stop laughing. I held it together pretty well through out most of this short conversation. But at this point...you gotta give it to the kid, he KNOWS what I like. :) I was even wearing my favorite Cookie Monster t-shirt that day (probably what gave him the inspiration). We laughed together for a long time then I told him, "Cookies make my tummy very happy but you know what makes my heart happy? Getting to be with you and spend time with just you...watching you grow and learn and play."

"Hmmm. Let's keep coloring. Okay?"

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