Nov 23, 2006

Big Hugs

11/23/2006 — cori

The other morning Bennett was missing Grandma and asked me if he could call her (at 8am). But when it comes to the grandkids, it doesn't matter what the time, Grandma loves to talk to them. They were carrying on quite the conversation. After maybe 10 minutes, Bennett hands the phone to me and Mom is on the other end laughing hysterically. She said, "Did you hear our conversation?" I hadn't, so she was more than happy to tell me exactly what my sweet son told her. Here goes:

Grandma: Bennett, I love you so much that next time I see you I'm going to hug you so hard that your head is going to pop off.

Bennett: Grandma, I love you so much that when I see you I'm going to hug you so tight all your fat will turn to skinny.

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