Feb 17, 2020

We're At It Again

2/17/2020 — cori

On Valentine's Day morning, I woke up to this beautiful basketball cut-out sitting on my placemat. Basketball = love to Bennett. Of course he gave us his favorite thing. 

Shockingly, we all had the day off. I wanted to find something fun that all of us would enjoy doing. We do love squash, but the sad reality is that there are no squash courts closer than an hour away to us. So we found the next best thing, a raquetball court. I found raquetball much, much harder and failed quite spectacularly at it. Chuck is all excited in this picture because he's awesome at it and dominated all the games we played. Chloe, didn't even wear tennis shoes. I think that says everything about her interest and skill level. When it was our turn to play together, we made up our own game and called it "raquetball." 

From there, we came home and had a cookie decorating contest. As you can see form the picture, we each decorated 4 cookies (as close to similar as possible). They were all so unique and creative, we couldn't pick a winner.

Then we capped off the Day of Love with our many years old tradition of the Ghoti Diner and the same meal that Chuck has made every Valentine's Day since 2006.

The custom used to be that Chuck and I would sit at a separate table from the kids since this was supposed to be a "date." But as they've gotten older, we've allowed the kitchen help to join us at our table. Thus, the weird seating arrangement in this photo.

I will be forever thankful for this beautiful, creative, thoughtful, fun tradition that began out of necessity (no babysitters and little money), but continued out of love.

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