Apr 16, 2012

How Do You Spell...

4/16/2012 — cori

As the kids were all gathered around the island after school today, each doing various homework-like activities, I decided to start quizzing Chloe on her spelling words.  But she informed me that she was deep in thought on a particular math problem and she couldn't acquiesce me at the moment.

Thankfully for me, Bennett wasn't busy doing anything but shoveling goldfish in his face and was eager to volunteer in Chloe's stead.  "Oh, Mom!  Please let me do Chloe's spelling words!"

"Uh.  Ok.  If you insist."

I then proceed to give him all the words on Chloe's sheet.  He is actually excited about spelling them and coming up with the appropriate and timely funny sentence to help us all get a better grasp of the meaning.

Chloe is suddenly free from her cumbersome math problems and proceeds to spell all the same words I just finished giving to her brother.

Gavin is at the island sewing a patch on his Tae-Kwon-Do uniform.  He's hyped about getting to sew.  He is now taking a Family & Consumer Sciences class in school and has been eager to show off his new found skill of button sewing and needle threading.  He seriously is thrilled that I've taught him how to sew on the patch that I previously sewed on upside down and had to rip out.  Not to be left out as he's haunched over with his sewing needle he begs, "Mom, can you ask me how to spell some words too?"

I can't believe this.  Since when do all my kids want me, no, beg me to quiz them on spelling words?  I find this very ironic since I'm not a huge stickler on spelling.  And now suddenly everyone wants to prove their spelling prowess to me.  So, here I am making up words (looking around the kitchen to find a word for him to spell) like: psychopath, camera, chandelier, corduroy, levy.  The only one of those words that I actually found in the kitchen was a camera.  I have no idea where the other words came from.  I didn't even know how to accurately spell them until I sat down to type this.  Funny how the brain works.

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