May 15, 2005

Mother/Daughter Issues

5/15/2005 — cori

I expected to have these with my little, precious daughter in about 12 more years...I didn't expect our first 'encounter' to be at 13 months old instead. Here is the scenario:

We go up to her room to dress for the day's lively events. Since its quite warm already, I chose a stylish (in my humble opinion) little onesie. It's sweet, mostly white, with a large water-color looking pinkish flower off to one side. It has a little 60's flair to it. If we are to be seen today, we would definately elicit several favorable nods.

However, my adorable, already quite opinionated 1 year old, emphatically shakes her head no at me and the precious little frock I am holding. So, I try coaxing. "Look Chloe, doesn't this look cute?" I say with all the charm I can muster. Again, another emphatic head shaking ensues. I decide to test her. To see if she really knows what she's saying "no" to. Maybe she just likes how it feels to shake her head back and forth and is not really saying "no" to my wonderful outfit selection.

I then proceed to select another onesie from her drawer. This one is a small calico, mostly in pink, on a white backround with spaghetti straps and a fitted bodice. I proceed to hold one in each hand and ask her, "Honey, which one would you like to wear? This one (my choice, hence the right choice) or this one (the other, secondary choice)?" She crawls toward me, grabs the 'secondary choice' out of my hand and begins to smile enthusiastically and hold the item up to her as if to say "Doesn't this look cute?"

I am flabbergasted that we are already clashing wills in regards to clothes. I have already planned my new 'modus operendi'. I will simply show her my choice as the second choice from now on and she will think she is choosing the one I don't really want, but, ahh, she would be wrong. :) Two can play at this game.

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