Feb 22, 2011

Nice Shirt

2/22/2011 — cori

Imagine the ugliest, oldest, grungiest, tattered shirt you can muster up in your imagination. Okay - that's what I was wearing this morning when Bennett complimented me. This is the shirt I got from my old college while I was still in college. At the time, they were renaming the Home Economics Department to the Department of Human Sciences to make it sound somewhat more 'modern' instead of 1950ish. Whatever. It didn't change the fact that I was still a HomeEc major. But we were given these shirts to help promote the new name change...in 1994. Yes, that's right. If you are a quick mental math whiz, you have probably already calculated that I'm wearing a shirt that is 17 years old. Now you probably have a better picture in your head of my morning attire.

Bennett says, "Mom, that shirt is so you."

Thinking to myself that he means, I love to wear old, tattered clothing. But instead I replied, "Thanks buddy, that's sweet of you. How is it me?"

"Well, it says on the back 'Inspiring Innovative Solutions to Meet the Challenges of a Dynamic World'."

"Okay...so, how is that so me?"

"Well. You like to find solutions."

"Really? What kind of solutions do I find?"

"Well...you know, you're always teaching us to compromise."

There you have it. My old alma mater would be proud. I am living out their motto in real life. I am indeed finding solutions to meet the challenges in the dynamic world of motherhood. Those thousands of dollars in tuition are now worth it.

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