Feb 1, 2010

Thoughts on Life by Chloe

2/01/2010 — cori

Chloe neatly folded her special piece of paper and handed it to me like we were in school and she was trying to keep it from the teacher seeing it. It was too cute. Then she whispered to me, "Mom, open it up. Read it."

"Okay" I reply quietly in return.

And then I'm awed. This is what life taught her today and this is how she responded to it. I like days like that.

We had several issues that were the result of not listening or obeying or were of just messing up. But we tackled each one and went on with our day. No condemnation...just learning from our mistakes. But by the third one she couldn't handle it any more and yelled out with exasperation in her voice, "Mom, that's thrice I've messed up today!"

"Honey, did you learn something from each mess up?" She shakes her head yes.

"Then don't beat yourself up. You're a kid. You're supposed to mess up. That's how you learn. Remember what we read in our book today (Mountain Born, by Elizabeth Yates)? Remember when Benj tells Peter, 'never the harm done that can't be undone. Easy take it; easy right it.' That applies to your situation as well, Sweetie. Let's learn from this and move on.

Then she stopped beating herself up and moved on to poetry instead.

Locks of Love

2/01/2010 — cori
For a while now, I have been reading a horribly sad blog about a family who discovered their sweet 5 year old girl had a brain tumor. One day Chloe found me at the computer reading the blog and wanted to know about the little girl in the picture. I told her a simplified version. Since that day we've spent a lot of time praying for her, checking in on her and asking lots of questions about cancer. She had been growing her hair out for a long time with the intent of giving it to Locks of Love. But after seeing a real little girl, her age, with her same hair color, and in need, she wanted to do it sooner and give it directly to her.

We all desire to help where ever we see a need. I'm so proud of Chloe for 'helping' in the only way she knew how...and from her heart.

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