Jul 25, 2010

The Mallotts Descend Upon San Diego

7/25/2010 — cori
I had alot of cool titles picked out for this post...the options are endless actually: The Adventures in Parking, Adventures in Finding Food, Taking a Vacation From Our Problems, The 2000 Mile Trek, The Food Channel or National Geographic Channel Every Night in the Hotel, The Vacation of Perfect Weather and Perfect Sunsets....the list goes on and on.

We repeatedly told the kids we are taking a vacation from our problems, so whenever they complained they heard, "Sorry...we're on vacation, you can't be having a problem right now." And we'd go on as if everything was normal. Why don't I use this same train of thought during the other 51 weeks of the year?

Some moments that really stand out are: Gavin texting me the entire trip from the seat behind me, becoming scared of wild boars taking over the continent (thanks National Geographic), the endless array of food at the continental breakfast (none of which I can eat), the tornado that was only a mile behind us on the highway and coming our way, the many heights we were at where I lost all feeling in my legs and shook like a leaf while looking out over cliffs and mountains (but it was so worth it), looking for restaurants with only an 'A' in the window (they grade restaurants in San Diego and we were all over that!), shopping at my favorite store (I love you H&M!), the vast beauty of this world and it's many different landscapes, my infinite smallness when compared with the ocean, being overwhelmed with how huge God is and his awesomeness, the joy and laughter that comes with spending uninterrupted time with the ones I love.

Here's a glimpse of our vacation in snapshot form:

The sunrise in Las Cruces, NM

Watching the kids take pictures

Mimicking a famous statue in San Diego

The great zoo

The amazing LaJolla Cove

La Jolla's natural beauty

The perfect weather and beauty of Laguna Beach

The beautiful blue of the water at Laguna Beach

My favorite time of day (sunset)

and getting to experience it at the Pacific Ocean

The awesomeness and genius of Legoland

The 117 degree heat in the Arizona desert

The cliff of death (my terminology, not theirs) in Tonto National Forest of Arizona

The incredible Palo Duro Canyon of Texas

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