Jan 22, 2011

The Twilight Zone

1/22/2011 — cori

You know sometimes you can tell when someone is watching you or looking at you? Ya, well, I had that little experience the other night. Let me set the scene. This happened in our bedroom in the middle of the night. It's already peeked your interest, I know. Our bed faces the door to our master bathroom. Right above that door is a smoke alarm. You know how smoke alarms have a little tiny light on them? Green if the battery is good, red if it isn't? Well...that's an important detail to keep in mind. Also, I'm a very light sleeper.

So, I'm just laying there sleeping when all of the sudden I feel as if I'm being watched. Not a good feeling. I raise myself on to my elbows and look around the room. Shockingly, I see someone standing in the doorway to my bathroom, right under this little green light. The person is highlighted in an erie green glow. I am freaking out. Only because of the height of the person could I determine that it was Chloe. She's just standing there staring at me in my bed from about 10 feet away. Freaky!

I ask her, "Chloe, what are you doing Honey?"

She just stares.

Starting to get a little annoyed I ask again, "Chloe. Why are you standing there staring at me like that?"

She mumbled something, "The boys....." and her voice trails off.

This is indeed odd behavior. She's the only one of the kids left who still sometimes comes in our room to sleep with us when she's had a bad dream. But normally she would come and crawl in my side of the bed. Instead, she's just standing there, far away under the green glow and staring. Chuck, meanwhile, is oblivious to the entire event (he's a very sound sleeper and has no clue when someone is looking at him in the dead of night).

Then a thought hits me, Chloe is never this still and quiet - I wonder if she's sleep walking? I ask her multiple times to come see me. Eventually she does. She comes and stands on my side of the bed and continues staring. When I ask her to talk to me she just bends half way over and keeps staring at me. Weird. I pull her into bed with me. Oddly, she is perfectly still. That is when I knew that she was sleep walking. That girl always has ants in her pants and is never still when she comes to cuddle me.

I fall back asleep as easily as I awoke. But before doing so I look at the clock. It was only 12:30. Oh well, plenty of the night left. I awake again a couple of hours later and my middle of the night guest has disappeared from the bed. She's gone - just vanished. More weird. I don't know what's weirder, that I woke up cuz I knew someone was looking at me or that I didn't wake up when my baby left the bed and wandered around in the dark house looking for her own bedroom again. It will remain a mystery.

I asked Chloe about the entire episode the next morning and of course we had a good laugh. She said she remembered coming into my room and insisted that she was awake - maybe in her dream she was - but not in real life.

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