Feb 2, 2011

Flypaper Phenomenon

2/02/2011 — cori

I have noticed a trend in my house. It has been persisting for the past 12 years. And yet, I've only just been able to identify and name it.

I am the flypaper.

My children (and Chuck and the dog) are the flies.

It doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing, I will be found and they will all join me in less than 5 minutes (*disclaimer - the tub is the one and only moment of reprieve). It's rather amusing. I've started doing little experiments of my own, just to test my hypothesis. And what do you know...it's like clockwork.

I know I should be honored that they love to be with me so much. I know I should be thankful that they enjoy my company. I also know one day I'll long for it to be this way again. But sometimes, it's a bit overwhelming. Sometimes it feels a bit smothering.

That's when a 'mommy timeout' works wonders. I take 5 minutes alone in my room. I shut the door, pray, refuel, refocus take some deep breaths - alone. And then I'm ready to be 'sticky' again. Sometimes eating a cookie or 3 helps accomplish this too.

Too bad my phone doesn't stick to me as good as the kids do. I loose that thing multiple times a day. I miss the good old days when it used to be attached to the wall. I could always count on it being in the same place all the time. But I digress...

Hmmm, flypaper....I wonder if it ever looses it's stickiness? When the kids are grown, will they want to come back and see me as often or ask me to play games with them or read with them when they have extra time? I am of the opinion that the more of myself I give them now, the more of them I'll get later on. Whatever you put into a relationship, normally you get in return...eventually. I want to give them their freedom, but also let them know how much I value the time I get to spend with them. I must start showing them how much I value our relationship right now - this is when it desperately matters to them.

I guess life is one big experiment. I'd rather err on the side of giving them my all - being super sticky, instead of only being sticky when I feel like it.

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