Feb 2, 2006


2/02/2006 — cori

In every baby book there is a place for 'firsts'. I remember Gavin's first word was "Hoagie" - we had no idea what it meant. But we rushed to write it down in his baby book none-the-less.

Then along came Bennett. I don't exactly recall what his first word was. Obviously, I didn't write it down. It was either "boom-boom" (for hammer) or "vuh-vuh" (for brother).

Then along came Chloe. Life is flying by at this stage of the game. How pathetic is it that I can’t even remember what her first word was? But I do remember her first sentence. Since there is no place in her baby book for ‘first sentence’, I think this would be a fine place to record it for all posterity.

My sweet little baby girl, ‘Lo-lo’ as she calls herself, up and blurted out one day, “MOMMMMEEEEEE…beee lellow tuck!” Just so you don’t get lost in translation, let me decode that for you. My DAUGHTER’s first sentence was: Mommy, big yellow truck. Why would that be my daughter’s first sentence? Why couldn’t she say, “Mommy, let’s go shopping” or “Mommy, lipstick please.”

I have a feeling she’s being too heavily influenced by her two older brothers.

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