Jan 4, 2011

This Year I Will...

1/04/2011 — cori

Enjoy my children more.

Stop worrying that I'm messing up so much.

Learn from my mess ups more and not spiral downward because of them.

Take one day at a time.

Work at keeping my eyebrows 'normal' instead of raised when I'm frustrated.

Smile more.

Look for opportunities to show love and kindness to everyone around me, whether I know them or not.

Put less emphasis on what I have to accomplish and more on just being and enjoying those I'm with.

Be content with where I am and what God has given me.

See my problems as opportunities to learn to trust God more and become more dependent on Him and less on myself.

Do something fun and crazy at 9pm instead of go to bed.

Give more support and less opinions.

Be the change I wish to see in the world.

Make at least one new recipe that everyone in my family will eat (that's healthy).

Be the friend I would like to have.

Give more of my self, my resources, my gifts, my time, my food, my money sacrificially...and be honored for the opportunity.

Live each day to its fullest...who knows if it might be my last.

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