Oct 2, 2016

Learn What You Love

10/02/2016 — cori

The other evening, while listening to a podcast, we were introduced to someone I'd never before heard of, Mr. Richard Saul Wurman. He is the Benjamin Franklin of our day. He is incredibly multifaceted. He can't be, nor does he want to be, defined by one thing. He is an architect, graphic designer, information architect, author as well as the creator of several conferences, including TED Talks (which is a family favorite!). How had we never heard of him before, we wondered? The reason is, he is about as unsuperficial and unpretentious a human being as they come. His life long goal is just to learn and then share what he has learned. He is a fascinating individual that I think we can all learn a lot from if we stop and listen. Here is a nice introduction:

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