Apr 14, 2008

Girl Night

4/14/2008 — cori
Last night Chloe and I had two totally undisturbed hours by ourselves. I thought it might be fun to go on a date together, but I just couldn't seem to think of anything fun to do. Then I tried to think like her. That's when I knew what should be done.

The evening commenced with the two of us putting on our high heels and going ice skating (for pretend of course). Chloe was the Mommy and I was her daughter. She's sooooo into this reverse role playing thing right now! But it's so fun to watch her and see how she thinks a Mommy behaves, talks, walks, etc. So, I just followed her lead the whole time.

The last time we had time like this, we actually did go ice skating together. So, she imitated every single thing we did. She insisted I put on a pair of her high heels (picture 6 inches of plastic, raised 1/2 an inch off the ground) - that just wasn't going to work no matter how hard I tried. But, just like the step sisters in Cinderella, she insisted I continue trying to fit my foot into a place that only my big toe would fit. Exasperated, she let out a big sigh and in her most patient mommy voice she proclaimed, "You can just wear the shoes you have on." She had already picked out my black, dress, high heels that was nicely paired with my sweat pants and long cotton t-shirt.

I pretended to slip and fall once we got on the ice and I pulled her down with me and we laid there and giggled until she realized that this never actually happened in the 'real skating adventure'. She was getting a bit frustrated that I was not going by the script and told me to go over to the carpet section and wait for her. I pretended to hang on to the wall inside the ice-skating rink instead and was promptly disciplined, "Daughter, you are 12" said the airy, high-pitched Mommy voice "you already know how to ice skate. Don't fall."

After an exciting 3 minutes of ice skating, it was on to hairdresser and make-up. This was going to be a full spa treatment. Of course I had to do her first. She requested a Queen Amahdalah hair-do (one of the only girl characters in Star Wars that she can relate to). Thankfully I was in the midst of creative genius during this time and made my 'mommy' very happy with her Star Wars hair-do. When it was my turn, she decided to paint my finger nails purple, followed by blue eyeshadow and lots of sparkly purple lip gloss. My hair turned out to be an eclectic mix of bows and clips.
Throughout the entire time, she's giving me tid-bits of mommy wisdom such as, "Kid. Daughter, I know much lotter than you. So, that's why you need to listen to me. Okay, kid?" or "Daughter, are you having a good day?" or "You are my kid, okay daughter, and I am in command of you." When it came time for clean up, she promptly reminded me that she was the Mommy and the kid always has to clean up, so "do it, okay daughter." What choice did I have?

The last part of our evening involved dining on a picnic blanket in front of the t.v. eating egg salad sandwiches and pretzels and watching Cinderella until the boys got home. What more does a girl need? Anytime we get time alone it's a definite treat.

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