Jul 8, 2007

Death & Lightning

7/08/2007 — cori

It's storming again. And with storms come thunder and lightning. This always prompts one of our children to ask a question about lightning. It always makes me wish I majored in nuclear physics, or something more practical like that, so that I would have better answers for all of the questions.

Today's question came from Chloe. She said, "I'm scared when I sleep and it lightnens." I replied, "You can't be scared when you're sleeping honey." But Gavin, ever the vigilante, always on the look out for false information being doled out to unsuspecting little kids, corrects me by saying, "Actually, you can be scared when you're sleeping if you have a bad dream, like about a monster or something." Correction noted.

But this did not thwart Chloe off her path, she came back with question in hand, "Can lightnen make you dead?" I know she is just testing Chuck. I have heard with my own ears, Bennett educating Chloe in all the things that could kill you. Lightning was one of them. I caution Chuck to tread lightly here, she's going to be taking this one to the bank.

Thankfully, Chuck is quick on his feet and comes back with, "Well, I suppose it could kill you if you were outside, running around barefoot with a large metal pole in your hands." To which she replied, "It will kill you dead forever?" He had to be honest, so he said, "Yes." but was able to temper all this death and destruction questioning with, "But as long as you're inside the house it can't hurt you. You're safe."

Then Bennett decides to contribute his two cents, "Well...actually, lightning could strike the house and kill us all dead and make a fire." Thank you, Bennett. Now, I'm sure she'll sleep much more calmly knowing all the facts.

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