Mar 19, 2016

Minecraft Tutorial

3/19/2016 — cori

I love this. It is rare...Gavin and Chloe doing anything together. I guess that's why I love it so much. She realizes that if she wants to spend any time at all with Gavin, she's going to have to do what he likes...which is anything involving computers. So come the weekend when it's time to play Minecraft, Chloe is ever at his side watching him navigate and build his world. He (secretly) loves the audience and attention. She asks all the right questions in all the right places and cheers him on. I'm sure she's learning a ton too being as Gavin has automated farming, created a redstone mechanism that controls a trap door, terraformed an island, made a village auto breeder, linked nether portals together by placing them in the correct coordinate locations and automated a fishing hut. How else would she ever learn these vital life skills if not for her older and wiser brother handing down the tricks of the trade? 

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