Oct 26, 2016

For The Love of Food

10/26/2016 — cori

Yesterday I cooked a delicious-smelling Tuscan Bean Soup in the crockpot all day long. The aroma was wafting through the house enticing us all with anticipation of happy, full tummies. It was a dreary, gray, rainy, cold day - perfect for a warm bowl of soup and some naan. As I was waiting for Chuck to get home from work I was perusing through the land of Twitter. And as luck would have it, our very favorite restaurant PUNCH PIZZA tweeted this special little note: $3 Dead Pizzas after 5pm - today only! 

People, it's hard to appreciate the depth of what this simple little tweet means if you don't know Punch. And yes, I do follow a pizza restaurant on Twitter. I am that loyal! What am I to do with this new, pertinent information? On one hand, there's the soup in the crockpot just waiting for a ladle. On the other, there's Punch. It's impossible to say no to Punch, especially a $3 pizza. The pizza I usually get is $10.95. You can imagine the savings possibilities here. We had the opportunity to save boo-coo bucks, eat our favorite communal food, and support our favorite restaurant. It was a win/win situation as far as I could see.

So I summoned the children from the four corners of the house. Actually, only 2 children were home at the time. I explained my conundrum for them. I then showed them the list of "dead pizzas" (discontinued). I asked them to tell me with all honesty if they could find a pizza they liked on that list and if so, we might just have to ditch this healthy soup and drive 30 minutes away to go eat a $3 pizza. They were up for the sacrifice. I texted Bennett and told him we were going to go do something fun without him. He took it well. He was at his friend's house about to do a fantasy NBA draft - not much could upset him at that point.

As soon as Chuck walked in the door, after a 45 minute bus commute and a 15 minute car ride, we shuffled him right back out into the dismal evening rain once again. He was a good sport. He makes sacrifices daily, but this one was to be admired. He even drove us through rush hour traffic up to Saint Paul to our favorite place to eat. 

Here is where we encounter an unfortunate snag in our plan. Apparently, we didn't anticipate that everyone else in St. Paul also followed Punch Pizza on Twitter and also wanted $3 dead pizzas. As we pull past the restaurant we see a line of people out the door and down the sidewalk. Uh-oh. We had to make a decision - wait or turn around and go home? We decided to wait it out. We've come this far...how bad could the wait be?

Here we are in the early moments of outdoor pizza waiting. We are happy because 1) we're about to get the best pizza for an even better price, 2) we are under a pretty, colorful umbrella and are thus, dry and, 3) we are being spontaneously fun - thus, cool in the eyes of our uber-cool teens.

We waited in that line for about an hour - half of it outside, half of it inside. I think we just proved we would do anything for good food. We proudly wear the title of 'Pizza Snobs'. Long live Punch Pizza!

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