Aug 16, 2012

A Windy Day

8/16/2012 — cori

It was a beautiful, crisp morning.  High 60's with a gusty, cool wind swirling around us.  We were taking Ninja for her morning walk.  The air smelled like fall was approaching.  We were talking about the differences in the seasons and the joys and memories each of them brought.

Chloe is walking barefoot with her hair down and uncombed (it's constant natural state) and after a few moments of contemplation says in her very feminine, carefree way, "Mom, I just love it when the wind billows my hair."

"Billows, huh?  Where'd you hear that?"

"I've just always known it."

Lucky you.  Too bad my hair was in a pony tail.  No billowing going on for me today.  I'm too practical to enjoy billowing hair.

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