Mar 20, 2010

Walking on Water

3/20/2010 — cori

We enjoyed a fun little walk on the water at the Japanese Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth yesterday. Ah, the beauty of nature on a gorgeous day!

Free Reign

3/20/2010 — cori
I'm not sure what this says about my kids or our try not to read too deeply into this. is a very cold, rainy, cozy day at home with nowhere to go and nothing to do. A rarity actually. We told the kids they can do anything at all that they want to do and this is what they chose:

The activity of choice? RV. Yep. The object of the game is to gather all the bedding and stuffed animals you can off your bed. Perch yourself and as many bedding objects on a sofa, floor or chair. Pretend you're traveling anywhere in the world. And then go there with your book in hand and an avid imagination. Gavin informed me that it's a little like house and a little like boat, but in an RV instead.

My heart is bursting with pride right now over my little RV'ers. I love how and who they are. I love how they know how to entertain themselves. I love how they love to be and play together but also know how to give one another space when they need it. I love how they don't need anything but a little imagination and a ton of books.

Peaceful is the theme of this day. I'll take that any day!

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