Jun 9, 2008


6/09/2008 — cori

My children just love Jeff Corwin...you know, the cool guy on Animal Planet who traverses the globe to bring us awesome views of animals in their natural habitat. Bennett aspires to be Jeff. He can't get enough Jeff Corwin. He can't read enough books about animals. Bennett is Animal Planet. So, it was of little surprise that he would copy certain phrases he would hear from Jeff. He is especially fond of the word 'scat'. This is the word Jeff uses on air to politely refer to animal dung. He has been known to rummage through it a time or two (Jeff, not Bennett) in order to find out what an animal has eaten (that right there is one of the biggest reasons I'm not a biologist or world traveling animal hunter/ecologist). Gross. None-the-less - this brings huge grins to my children's faces and what can I say? They're learning! They're enjoying the process and I don't have to personally touch any scat...so it's a win/win situation for all involved: me, the kids, the animals and the educational process.

This is all leading to an important story, trust me. Recollect with me, if you will, about the one child who has always had 'poopie' issues. There are a plethora of blogs devoted to this undesirable topic. Do I like to just write about gross things? I think not. My life is surrounded by many gross things....most of them just happen to come out of Bennett.

So...we're just all hanging out yesterday. Chuck and I were downstairs reading, the boys in their room playing and Chloe napping. When all of the sudden, Bennett rushes out of his room, stands over the banister with Gavin beside him (smiling) and announces, "Mom. Dad. There seems to be some scat in our room and I have no idea how it got there. It didn't come from me or Gavin." After asking him to repeat it a second and third time, just to make sure we heard correctly, we look at each other like 'who's going to take this one?' Chuck knew he didn't have an out. He has the stomach of steel - not me. One look at my gaging self and he headed up stairs trying to look serious.

Best case scenario, we had a wild critter loose in the house. Worse case scenario...Bennett was at it again. Oh ya, and guess who sat in it as well as kneeled in it? The same person who first explained the 'case of the mysterious scat', that's who. Let's just say that Chuck is a genius detective and was able to trace the scat back to it's original owner and no, we didn't end up finding any uninvited house guests.

Poor Bennett...he's such an awesome, funny, helpful, kind-hearted kid. I feel bad about his 'scat legacy'. I'm sure it'll make great material for his own stand-up routine at The Improv one day. He's a good sport...scat issues and all.

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