Mar 1, 2010

My Friend, the Library

3/01/2010 — cori

Phone calls, like emails, are always nice to get. But....I have a problem with both of them at the moment.

I don't know when exactly this phenomenon began, but I have been getting a call from the library at least once a day for the past several weeks alerting me to the fact that the book(s) I placed on hold are now available for pick-up. My in-box is also filled with like emails.

The saddest part of this whole scenario is that when the library calls, it's not even a live person I get to talk to, but an automated system. If I'm not going to get any calls all day long and then the one call I do get is not even from a person...that is a sad state of affairs. Who looks forward to an automated caller? Who looks forward to an email that says "please do not reply"?

This fact begs me to ask several questions:
1. why am I putting so many library books on hold?
2. is the library my only friend?
3. why do they call and email me?
4. why do we read so much?
5. why do I look forward to these calls and emails?
6. why can't they pay a live person to make these mundane phone calls?
7. isn't there anything else to blog about instead of something so insignificant?
8. why is the library the only 'person' that wants to 'talk' to me?

Despite all that...I still love my library and all the communication we share back and forth. It's an on-going relationship. I'm sure we'll grow closer in time. Or maybe I'll just have to work there and revamp the whole auto-mated caller thing.

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