Nov 10, 2014

Halloween Enchantment

11/10/2014 — cori
Another Halloween, another day to dress up.  Can you really ever get enough opportunities for this kind of pleasure?  And oh, what fun we had.

Chloe was Little Red Riding Hood.  Very ingenious.

I was your run of the mill boring cheetah.  But I was just 
the one who stayed home and passed out candy, so it's not like
I needed a super exciting, awe-inspiring costume or anything. 
It was either between cheetah or gangsta.  There's always next year.

Chuck - there's always Chuck.  He decided to mock the modern style of our day.
He even went to H&M to procure the exact assortment of proper Hipster clothing.
The scarf is the clincher.  Also the way-too-tight light grey jeans, rolled up a little
too high. The sad thing was, nobody at work thought he was 'dressed up'.  
We called him: Scarf Guy

Bennett the Mountain Man.  Nobody recognized him.

Gavin the secret service agent.  
Any opportunity he gets to wear a suit, he takes it.  Halloween included.

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