Feb 16, 2010

Science of the Imagination

2/16/2010 — cori
Is it any surprise that Gavin's favorite show is on the Science Channel and is called, "Science of the Impossible"? He also has a link under his 'favorites' on the computer to the Science channel's "Deconstructed" page - you know, where they take every and any thing and take it apart to it's smallest molecular structure so all the rest of us know how it works. Is there anything cooler? I think not.

So, then does it come as any surprise that aforementioned son, let's call him The Absent-Minded Professor so as not to reveal his true identity, was so taken with one of these shows that immediately following the end of the show he just HAD TO MAKE HIS OWN CREATION!

I've never seen him move with such speed. In a matter of minutes he had located paper, pencil and scissors. Then he sat down at his desk and worked as if his life depended on it. When he finally emerged he asked me if I knew where the tape was. Once he'd procured the tape, he was back to the mission at hand. He was making an intricate alarm/password/entry detector system for his room and all doors leading to and around it.

This was his greatest moment. Notice the amount of 'effort' and 'detail' put into these intricate drawings. Details have never been one of Gavin's strong suits. They get in the way of the bigger picture. And it is the bigger picture we have here:

This is the entry to Gavin's room. Notice the palm, retina and
fingerprint scanner along with a keypad. He seriously does each of these
4 things each and every time before entering his beloved space.

Next we have his closet. I especially love the intricate 'sticky hand' security device.

This would be the entry to the bathroom from his bedroom.

Lastly, this is on the other side of the bathroom door. This is the lovely view from the commode.

You have now witnessed the greater workings of Gavin World. A place few of us get the privilege to enter. If I could tap into a 10th of the imagination his mind possesses, it would be a good day.

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