Jul 10, 2012

New Food

7/10/2012 — cori

The kids begging me to make a new food item that is actually healthy just doesn't happen.  So you can imagine my pick-my-jaw-up-off-the-floor excitement when the boys asked, "Mom, do you think you could make us some steamed beets and spinach tortillas?  Seriously, I am not making this up.  Not one, but both of my boys asked for this dish.  I previously didn't even know how to spell beets, two 'ee's or is it 'ea' - forget being able to find what they looked like in the grocery store.  I actually had to read the signs underneath all the vegetables to find my beets.  Did you know they come in bundles of 3?  Now you do.  Anyways, now that I have them, I must learn how to steam them.  I actually had to watch a youtube video on 'how to steam beets'.  If you're ever bored, I highly recomend it.  It was enough for this beginning beet steamer.  Apparently, I cook beets good now because Gavin raved and raved about how delicious they were.

This idea didn't just pop into their collective heads all on it's own.  I'd like to thank Priya Submaranian, the  Mom of one of Gavin's close friends.  She is the premier Indian Food Chef this side of India. I love every and any thing that comes out of her kitchen and I'm not even a vegetarian.  But she could sure convince me to be one.  Apparently, she has already convinced Gavin and Bennett because when they came home telling me tales of foods they ate while at her house I was aghast.  How could she get them to eat some of these vegetables?!  Someone as nice as her can get anyone to eat anything.

Moral of the story...learn how to steam more vegetables and maybe even try a few you don't know how to spell once in a while...you just might like them.


7/10/2012 — cori
My parents came to visit during the most wonderful time of the year - summer!  No apologies were necessary like, "Sorry the snow is up to your elbows." or "Don't forget to pack extra pairs of long underwear." Instead, we were treated to record highs (much to their chagrin) and a little more humidity than we would have liked, but at least rain didn't dampen any of the many outdoor activities we had planned.  Actually, the entire staycation was one big outdoor activity... from sight seeing in downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul to walking the rocky coast in Duluth or kayaking on Lake of the Isles.   What fun laughing and sharing life together we had!

The lake was filled with these beauties.

Gavin taking it easy for a spell.  

The kids being overly dramatic about how hot 
they are and how done they are shopping.

The ruins of the old Gold Medal Flour factory looking out
onto an old stone arch bridge crossing the Mississippi River.

The grapes from a winery tour we took in Stillwater.  

A gorgeous view of Gooseberry River leading out to 
Lake Superior from the trails around Gooseberry State Park.

 Mom and Dad at one of the trail heads in Gooseberry State Park. 
They just liked the name Gitchi-Gami (what the Native Americans used
to call Lake Superior) and wanted a picture to remind them of it.

Dad (deathly afraid of heights) perched precariously close
to the edge of the cliff where the falls begin.  Making sure 
he has a firm grip on Mom so he doesn't have to jump over
the edge to rescue her, not because he's afraid or anything.

The falls.  You never tire of looking at them.  

Dad braved the cold water, big waves and slippery rocks 
to make his way out to this lone rock and conquer it!

 The kids examining the waves and what was being washed ashore.
There was lots of debris from the recent flooding Duluth experienced.

Praying he doesn't drop me in the cold water.

 Sunset at the lake.

Date Nite

7/10/2012 — cori

The only thing that comes to mind when I behold such beauty is Psalm 145:5

This was the backdrop for our last date night.  The weather, a cool 75 degrees. Sand between our toes as we walked along the beach adjacent to the lake.  A blanket spread under the shade of a huge cottonwood tree.  Two glasses of White Zinfandel.  Time with my favorite person.  Boy, does he know my love language or what!

I promise, I did not doctor this photo.  Number one, i have no idea how to and number two, it really was this pink out.  I love pink.

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