Jun 8, 2010

Flattery and Bennett

6/08/2010 — cori

Here's a peak into Bennett's brain:

Yesterday, he and I were laying in the hammock visiting about our day, solving the world's problems and just enjoying the weather. Then he makes an announcement. He felt the need to stand and present this, "Mom, you know, you and Grandma are alot alike."

"Oh really? How do think so, Sweetie?"

"Well...you both smell good and you both like to spend time with me."

Oh the ties that bind.

And then there was today. I'm thinking he's secretly taking lessons in flattery.

We were on our way somewhere and were probably going to be a little early. I informed the kids of this and told them we might have to wait a little while for our friends. This did not phase Bennett in the least. He eagerly presents his solution, "Oh that's no problem, Mom. We can just sit and admire your beauty while we wait."

The problem was, he wasn't being the least bit sarcastic. He was totally genuine. I guess there could be worse problems we could have to be dealing with.

This does not count the multiple times a day I get custom white board messages prounouncing his love for me or telling me 'U Rock Mommy' or exclaiming his undying affection for me. I love being the center of his little love struck heart. I know one day it will change...but right now is perfect just the way it is...flattery and all. (Trust me, the pictures he draws of me are in no way flattering).

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