Aug 14, 2014

It Matters

8/14/2014 — cori

This poem came in response to my utter sadness over the complete despondency in the world at the moment. I could allow all these horrible events to spiral me downward until I loose hope. Sometimes they do. But then God gently reminds me that He is my hope. He came to bring hope and love and a new way of living for right now. This beautiful earth often seems so full of injustice, fear, hatred, disease, mistrust and war. We hear so much more bad news than good news.

Bennett started reading the news on his phone. He recently told me that it makes him sad but he's glad to know what's going on. I told him I also felt the same way and apologized that we can't protect him from all the ugliness as much any more as we could when he was younger. He told me he doesn't want to be protected from it any more, that he needs to learn how to deal with it and what's going on so he can understand better the world he lives in. But most importantly he said he needs to know it so he knows how to pray. I couldn't agree more.

There seems so little that we can do. Praying is often the only thing I can physically do to help in some of these situations. I can't help the thousands of illegal immigrant children trying to cross the border (alone) for hope at a better (safe) life. I can't drop off food and water to the Kurds stuck in the mountains by Isis and left to die. I can't hug the family of Robin Williams who is left without a Husband and Father because his internal demons were too much for him to bear. I can't change the police in Ferguson, Missouri and ask them to treat the African Americans with more respect and kindness instead of hatred and fear. I can't make Israel and Palestine live in peace. I can't stop Ebola from spreading across Africa. And the list goes on ad nauseum.

But I can pray. I can touch of the lives of people I come in contact with every day. I can show love instead of reciprocating hate. I can give food to those around me who need it. I can help the immigrants and refugees here who I come in contact with every day. But most importantly, I can pray and trust the One who can change hearts and lives and nations. If we all touched one person next to us, then eventually, the whole world will be touched.

To quote one of my favorite movies (The Power of One): "A waterfall starts but with one drop, and look what becomes of that."

I have so, so many questions and I don't pretend to have any answers.  I'm confused so much of the time.  This is just me trying to reconcile all my questions with what I know to be true and what I feel and think. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn't.  But I know that everyone matters, otherwise, why did Jesus die on the cross.  If they matter to him, they matter to me.

It Matters

It matters what you say
It matters that you pray
It matters what you do
It matters how you choose

People laughing on the outside
Might be dying on the inside
People hating on the outside
Might be scared on the inside

Spending time together matters
Holding hands in unity matters
Standing up for others matters
Speaking for the voiceless matters

Money doesn’t matter
Skin color doesn’t matter
Address doesn’t matter
Stuff doesn’t matter

Look at the heart, it cares
Look at their eyes, they plead
Look at the bodies, they are broken
Look at their faces, there is fear

Where is the hope?
Where is the love?
Where is the peace?
Where is the justice?

One to one....relationship,
That’s how we care.
Surrendering our pride and need for recognition,
That’s how we give.

Looking out for others not only ourselves,
Touches lives and tenders hope.
Speaking the truth,
Brings pain at first and justice in the end.

Actions matter
Words matter
People matter
Love matters

How do we erase fear?
How do we bring about justice?
How do we help the helpless?
How do we show we care?

We love our enemies.
We do good to those who hurt us.
We turn the other cheek.
We fight evil with good.
We mourn with those weep.
We bless and do not curse.
We pray and always hope.

It matters.

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