Nov 30, 2012


11/30/2012 — cori

The other day I get this random text from Gavin:  Hi Mom.  What is the plural of rhinoceros?

Since no one is really ever prepared to receive, much less answer a question like that, I responded the only way I knew how:  add an es

By this point, one would think I have my masters in English and know all phonics rules backwards and forwards since the reply came to me so easy.  I was feeling pretty confident as I made my way through the grocery store after hitting 'send'.  But then my over-analyzing brain kicked into the next gear and started making me question my automatic response.  I don't know...could it be rhinoceri? just like octopi?  How many times have I had to use the plural of rhinoceros?  How should I know?  Why in the world is he even asking me this question?

So, in typical fashion, I text him back and pedal backwards a bit, trying to save face incase I'm wrong: I'm not 100% sure about that answer...why don't you look it up.

Within seconds I get his reply:  actually it's rhinoceroses

It didn't dawn on me until days later, that both Gavin and I originally spelled rhinoceros wrong in the beginning of this little adventure.  We both thought you spelled it 'rhinocerous' - with a 'u', so then by adding the 'es' (which I WAS right, by the way! a huge boost to my ego) as the suffix, we thought it sounded like 'rhinoserusus'; but it's actually pronounced 'rhinocer oh ces'.  Get it?! you know in case you ever find yourself in this same predicament.

The ONLY thing going through my mind through-out this entire exchange was Brian Regan's skit on "Stupid In School".  Sooooo funny and so appropriate for this little life moment.

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