Oct 30, 2012

Cuddle Time Rules!

10/30/2012 — cori

Boy was I tired today!  It was a very full day.  As I was driving home, Chuck called and mentioned how tired I sounded, to which I appropriately respond, "You don't even know the end of it."  He had no clue what I meant obviously.   Neither did I.  I just knew there was an idiom that sounded kind of like that and I tried to use it in context and ended up failing miserably.  Just add it to the list of my idiom (not idiot) failures.  (For those of you still scratching your heads....the proper phraseology would be: "You don't even know the half of it.")

As soon as I got home, which was after Chuck, I walked in, kicked off my boots, threw my glasses on the table and announced with as much gusto as my cracky, tired voice could muster, "Who wants to cuddle me on my bed?" and ran upstairs dramatically.  All my people came running from all corners of the house to join me.  There was a mad dash down the tiny hallway that leads to my room.  Gavin, in all his excitement hit Chloe, who had a firm grip on my jeans, in the face (accidentally) as he's trying to desperately secure a position next to me once snuggly upon my bed.  Bennett zoomed under the rader and got there almost before me.  How the bed didn't crack in half with 4 people and a dog jumping on it all at the same time is beyond me.  Ninja, who is never allowed on my bed was beside herself with excitement at actually being up on this lofty, once unattainable pedestal.  In all the craziness, I noticed someone was missing...Chloe.  Apparently, she got trampled in the fray by her ever so gentle brothers.  She was across the hall, in her bed, crying.  Chuck went and got her, carried her into my bed and then "tada!" one, big, happy, cuddly, family.  It was heaven.

I'm thankful for my tiredness today.  It was precisely because of it that I was able to have such a beautiful memory of special time with my family.

At the end of the day we always ask each other what our favorite part of our day was.  Without a doubt, my favorite part was cuddling with all my favorite people on the bed and that they still want to cuddle me.

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