May 15, 2015

Water Problems

5/15/2015 — cori

The other day it was actually warm here, believe it or not.  We had sun, heat and sweaty.  I was working so hard around the house that I kept having to run to the fridge to refill my glass with water. Thus, the lovely quality photo of the water dispenser in my super clean fridge.  Unfortunately for me, the last time I went to refill my water, nothing came out.  Zilch.  Nada.  

I was like, on no! I'm really thirsty too.  I might have to break down and drink water from the tap. But I won't text Chuck about it just yet.  He can't fix it from work anyways, so no need to worry him.

Of course when you have ample water, you don't want/need it.  But now that my water wasn't working my mouth was as dry as cotton.  I needed water.  I even considered going up to the store to buy some bottled water to hold us over until Chuck could figure out how to fix it.  But I didn't have enough time before the kids came home.  Of course they usually come home and immediately fill up an entire glass with water to gulp down their afternoon snack with.  I would need to be gentle in breaking this devastating news to them. 

The dreaded time arrives...I have to tell them about the water dispenser breaking.  In all honesty, we weren't all that surprised.  The ice maker hasn't worked for over a year now.  It was just a matter of time, I guess, before the whole thing bit the dust.  As expected, the kids are as disappointed and dry mouthed as I was.

Then Gavin comes home.  I announce the grave news to him as well.  He doesn't like it when things in his world aren't always as they usually are.  This wasn't going to be easy for him to take.  However, he took it like a man.  Then a few seconds later he calls me up to the kitchen.  "Mom, what do you mean the water in the fridge doesn't work?  It seems to work just fine...look."  And he proceeds to show me his sopping wet hand.

I'm like, "What happened?  Are you trying to trick me or something?"  

He was like, "No.  I went to put my ice pack from my lunch bag away and my arm veered up and hit the water dispenser somehow and it squirted all over me.  I must have hit the 'unlock' button with my elbow.  It was on 'lock' this whole time.  That's why you weren't getting any water.  It's not broken."

"Wha?" confusion reigning all over my face.  

"Looks like it was just locked Mom.  It's not broken."

How can that be?!  I thought I checked all those little buttons.  I have been dying of thirst for hours all for naught?  Apparently it helps to pay attention to all the little details.  Scanning the buttons is not enough, you must actually read each button before you pronounce the water dispenser broken.

The even funnier thing is: everyone believed me.  No one else checked to see if the 'lock' button was pressed (thus disallowing any water to flow) until Gavin accidentally hit it.  How long would we have gone on like this?  That would have been the very first thing Mr. Details would have checked when he got home before he broke out any of his tools. 

I guess the moral of the story is, I'm more of a Big Picture kinda girl.  Thank God I married a Mr. Detailed kinda guy and have very trusting and helpful children - especially ones that read signs for me when I'm too busy (or thirsty) to check them carefully.

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