Feb 13, 2011

Wine Stand

2/13/2011 — cori

Chuck and I have been cleaning out the fridge in the garage in order to give it away. Apparently, we've been given multiple bottles of wine. That appears to be the fridge we were storing them all in. We were trying to consolidate all the wine from that fridge into the fridge in the kitchen but we ran out of room. We had to put several bottles up in a cupboard.

This leads one to think of multiple questions regarding our wine consumption. First, why do we have more bottles than places to put them? Second, do we just like to collect the bottles or do we ever actually drink it? Third, why don't we offer a glass of wine more often to visitors if we are apparently overflowing with the stuff? Maybe we don't get many visitors. And lastly, what are we supposed to do with it all? We can't possibly drink this much wine.

Of course we were discussing this dilema at the dinner table. Everything happens there. And what do you know, Chloe had a solution for us. She says, "I KNOW!! We can have a Wine Stop in front of our house and offer cups of wine for .50 cents each." She explained her vision of a lemonade-like stand that she saw in her head except with the "Lemonade" part crossed out and "Wine" in it's stead.

Brilliant. Wouldn't we be the talk of the neighborhood. Wouldn't our neighbors just love us. What kind of parents let their kids sit out in the front of their house in a little make-shift stand doling out dixie-cups of wine to anyone with 50 cents? We would so not look good. But besides that...this is just wrong on so many levels.

I know we often do things opposite of what the rest of the culture thinks is "normal". But I'm afraid this would be a stretch even for us. Thanks for the suggestion though Chloe, but we're going to have to nix that one. But I'm just loving the entrepreneurial ideas forming in your brain.

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