Apr 3, 2006

A Day in the Life...

4/03/2006 — cori

Well, today has been good - pretty normal. I slept maybe 3 hours last night. Had one of those sleepless nights due to taking Excederin too late at night. Once I finally went to sleep, it was time to wake up. Chloe informed me that she was immediately hungry and I put on my short order cook hat. After getting everyone situated, I was just fixin to put peanut butter on my beloved english muffin when I hear Bennett crying. For some reason, he can't speak, so as I walk around the corner to find out what happened, I see a bowl of cereal (including the milk) emptied all over him, his chair and all surrounding surfaces. Great! So much for a warm english muffin - I had a spill to clean up. Bennett wasn't thrilled with having to help me clean it up, but he did a good job once I was able to get all the cereal out of his belly button.

From there we went to the computer to find Grandma's address in order to mail her a letter. Gavin started writing it down on the envelope, only to be thrown into utter despair upon my glancing at the address and telling him it was the wrong one. A multitude of tears abounded. Once he came up for air and realized it wasn't the end of the world - that his pencil had an eraser, I was able to convince him to call Grandpa to locate their new address.

Thankfully, Grandpa was not too busy and was able to spell out the entire address for Gavin who transposed it onto his newly erased envelope. All the while, Bennett was standing a little too close to all of us and in a constant, steady refrain continued asking, "Can I put it in the mail box now", until someone acknowledged his pleading. I acknowledged a little too loudly and was told how pretty I was.

From there we had to run to the grocery store to pick up 1 thing. Since it was only 1 thing, I made an executive decision not to commandeer a cart. This upset Chloe's applecart and she decided to impersonate a donkey (I'm talking about the stubbornness of a donkey here) throughout the entire time we were at the store. So we walked thru with her kicking and screaming. I'm sure they were all glad to see me yet again.

We finally made it to the park for our picnic and I had a reprieve to 2 hours while the kids played and ate happily. Nap times were pretty normal as well. Bennett informed me that he slept, but that his eyes were very blinky the whole time. But he swears he slept. Chloe decided that she wanted to sing to her baby instead of sleep with her. She was heartbroken when I told her it was time to sleep.

After 'naptime' the boys asked if they could go outside and spray each other with the water hose. I kinda reminded them that we used to do that last summer and since it was so hot today, that maybe they might like to have a water fight. I was considered very cool for the rest of the afternoon.

And now, the garbage truck is making its weekly rounds and Chloe is beside herself with panic. She has a love/hate relationship with the garbage truck. She hates the sound, but loves to see it. So, we are now fixin to go outside and witness our weekly garbage picking up ritual.

To quote my favorite book (Little House on the Prarie), "All's well that ends well."

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