Jan 30, 2009

What Food Are You?

1/30/2009 — cori

So...this morning at breakfast Bennett comes out with, "Mom, if I were a food, I think I'd be ice cream cuz I don't want any teeth chomping down on me."

Okay. This is an interesting line of conversation. I guess I can roll with it.

Chloe quickly pipes up to take "choclick" before anyone else since that's her favorite food in the world. I asked Gavin what he would be. He takes ample time to think and rethink the pros and cons of all food (you will never find him making a rash decision about anything - especially something as important about transferring your personality to a food source). Bennett decides to try to hurry the process and suggests, "You could be milk. Then you'd be friends with all the cereals."

Chloe, "ooo, ooo, ooo...I want that one instead." Sorry, Gavin, milk is now taken. Can you commit to a food choice?

Gavin smugly presents his decision, "I would be chocolate cake cuz I look so special and people can't get enough of me." I knew he was putting some deep thought into this commitment.

That's great. My children are now adding human qualities to food.

Well...I may as well join in the game. I pipe up with, "I'd be cheese so I could smother myself all over everything." Chloe gives me a disgusted look, "ooooo no, Mommy....then all the rats would eat you."

I think I'm done with this line of thought now. Maybe we should try using our thinking process for the greater good and start learning something of value today.


Retraction -

After careful consideration of Chloe's vile reaction to my food choice, I would like to officially change it to an apple.  My reasons are, they are healthy, sweet and juicy.  I have no clue how those translate into personality traits.  But there you have it.  I am no longer cheese.

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