Feb 17, 2016

How We Do Valentines

2/17/2016 — cori

For 6 years now Chuck and Chloe have been enjoying their very special time together each Valentine's Day. The very first event was a Daddy/Daughter Dance when Chloe was 4. She was the Princess going to the ball and Daddy was her Prince Charming. They went to these dances year after year. Chloe adores her Daddy. Now, the dances have been preempted by a Date with Dad. They pick a favorite restaurant (usually something very spicy) and then go somewhere fun. This year they went to Blick, an art supply store, to look at all the cool art stuff and buy a sketch pad. Chloe definitely has her Dad's creative flair and eye for design.

While those two are off galavanting and living the high life of Princeses and Knights in Shining Armor, I have the joy of getting in touch with my more masculine side. These are my people. They tower over me now making me feel like the kid. But, believe it or not, there was once a day when I was taller than them. This rowdy crowed opted for my kind of fun on this eve of Valentine's Day...we hit Half-Price Books and Smash Burger. Then we came back home and watched Dateline NBC. This is how it goes down when you're mature like we are.

But not to fear, we have continued with our beloved, time-honored tradition of Valentine's Date at Home.  You know, the one where Chuck cooks, the kids serve, and we pretend to be out at a fancy restaurant. Over the years we have progressed from sitting at a tiny kids table in the middle of the living room to actually getting to sit at the big people's table. But now "the help" talks to us while we're dining and don't always stay in the kitchen where they belong (but it's kinda hard cuz the table is in the kitchen). Whatever the set-up, it's always a blast and a tradition I'm so thankful we started. Leave it to Chuck to turn something unfortunate (lack of money and no one to watch our kids for a date nite) into something spectacular (a tradition we couldn't imagine living without).

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