Feb 22, 2013


February has always meant one thing to Chloe: Dancing with Daddy.  It has become their little 'thing'.  It is equivalent to the Miss America pageant to Chloe.  The getting ready part is of utmost importance.  She told me that this year she was going to let me be her chamber maid.  That means I got to do her hair, tie her dress and apply her make-up.   I was honored.  

It must feel amazing to look this pretty.

Quick practice twirl to make sure the dress is adequate for dancing.

Etiquette practice.  Never know when you're going to need to curtsy.

Dancing partner.... 

 and proud papa.

And then there is this:

While Chuck and Chloe are going all glam for the evening, the boys and I are wandering through the mirror maze at the Mall of America hoping it doesn't close before we find our way out of the intolerable, claustrophobic, insane...I mean, amazing maze of mirrors all around you.  For those of you who love to look at all angles of yourself, this is the place for you.  And to think I actually paid money to be tortured like this. 



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