May 24, 2020

Graduation 2020

5/24/2020 — cori

This was not how any of us envisioned Bennett's graduation from high school to turn out. Graduation during the a pandemic is a scary proposition. Schools all over the world had to come up with alternative ideas. Our school opted for a virtual ceremony. But that didn't make the achievement any less special. It just made it look a little different.

This is what the ceremony looked like in our house during the live broadcast (I was sitting on the floor next to Gavin). We watched it on Chuck's laptop. Our closest relatives all joined in on the festivities and supported Bennett by watching it with us from the comfort of their homes and sending him lots of supporting text messages and phone calls. He felt very loved today.

We even had an official graduation cake.

 The day before, we took pictures.

It was so nice to have Gavin home to join us for this special occasion.

Old Town Fort Collins has wonderful murals on the wall. And since that is Bennett's favorite place to be, it was fitting to take his graduation photos there.

Also, his favorite ice cream place was right across the street. It was hard eating ice cream with masks on, but we managed.

This is the best representation of the past 10 weeks. We gladly wear masks to do our part to help the common good. Even in our joy, there is still a twinge of sorrow for the many families devastated by such loss over these past few months.

We're looking forward to July when we get to join with all our extended family and friends and celebrate in person with games, memories, laughter, and food. Times like these will be much more appreciated after so much social distancing. No more will we take for granted time with others, whether mundane or marvelous. This is the lesson of the pandemic.

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