May 3, 2007

WHY 2.0

5/03/2007 — cori

Chloe has taken the asking of the "why" question to the next level. Thus, the title: WHY 2.0. She has decided to incorporate a little phrase she has heard her brothers and me repeat quite often. She figured adding it to the beginning of all her 'why' questions would be a good lead in and would better grab her audience's attention. Here is the famous little phrase with examples of actual questions posed to me within the last 24 hours only:

"Dis is odd...why don't the cowds (clouds) hold all duh lain (rain)?"

"Dis is odd...why are yoyipops (lollipops) so drinky?"

"Dis is odd...why are tattors (crackers) so tunchy (crunchy)?"

"Dis is odd...why is wadoe (water) told (cold)?"

"Dis is odd...why do fum (some) tids (kids) haff (have) to take naps?"

This is odd...there really aren't any anwers to those questions. She's just inherited her Daddy's amazing ability of posing many rhetorical questions all in a row to anyone who will listen. Now we know who got the gene.

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