Mar 20, 2013

Not An "S" Day

3/20/2013 — cori
It's no secret by now that we try to abide by the "Sugar on only S days" rule.  But as I was making the kids' lunch today, I was feeling rather generous and a little anarchical and decided to ditch the rule, throw caution to the wind and give them 3 whole Rolos.  Technically, Wednesday does have an 's' in it, it just doesn't start with an 's'.  The rule is rather vague if you ask me.

Bennett was all grins when I picked him up from school and thanked me profusely for the three whole bite size pieces of candy I lovingly snuck into his lunch.    You would have thought I gave him an entire candy bar.  In his mind, I can imagine him thinking that he is a special child and I must love him extra much today to lavish such generosity upon him.

However, the moment my foot stepped across the threshold of my front door, Gavin greeted me with a nervous laugh and, "Hi Mom.  Um...thank you for giving me a sweet in my lunch and all...that was really nice of you, but I think you forgot about my strong opinions on mixing chocolate and caramel.  So I was wondering if I could refund them? I have them right here to give back to you."

Ever the factual child.   This was a strictly serious conversation.  He was not joking.  He totally wanted a candy refund.  If I was going to break our strict daily sugar intake quota rules, he was going to make the most of it and demand a candy he didn't have such strong opinions about.  Upon receiving the necessary 'ok' from me, he made quick use of his refund by cashing it in for a treat of a different, yet equally small variety.

How I let his 'strong opinions' slip my mind is beyond me.  He absolutely hates mixing chocolate and caramel.  This may be considered proof that he might be adopted because in my opinion that is one of the best mixings there is.  I can hold strong food opinions too.   I just don't always share them with people or expect them to remember them.

See what happens when you try to be nice and let people have sugar on a non-S-day?

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