Jan 5, 2009

Growing Up

1/05/2009 — cori
My little man. How I love this kid! He's so big now. I never thought he'd be 10 - that seemed a millennium away when he was an infant. In his high-pitched, squeaky, loud, little two year old talk, he would ask things like, "When I do the duuut-duuut (weed-eater) Mommeee?" or "When I big boy I use the black knives, right Mommeee." The black knives being our steak knives. I would always tell him that 10 was the magic age. He would then be allowed to weed-eat by himself (unfortunately, he's out grown his love of weedeaters and his allergies don't even allow him to be outside when when any yard work is being done). At 10, he would finally have the maturity necessary to hold onto those sharp, black knives (even though he's been mature enough since 5 and actually holding them since six - I know, I caved). He's now a double-digit. He'll never be in the single digits again. He exudes confidence, peace, consideration and thoughtfullness (as well as a little aloofness - thanks to his non-stop immagination). He has a great sense of humor and doesn't take himself too seriously. He laughs at anything and everything his Dad or I say (when we're trying to be funny, that is), making us think we're hilarious - which means bonus points in my book. His face lights up when he smiles. And when he laughs, we call him our howler monkey. An endearing nickname from toddler-hood when he would open his mouth and laugh as loud and long as he could.

But the one thing I wanted to remember the most about him during this time of his life is his utter, sincere, unprompted compassion and consideration. Towards me. I seem to be the only recipient of this unfailing love and tenderness. He is tuned in to my every need. He's sensitive to the look in my eyes, my tone of voice or whatever mood I might be in (which could keep anyone on their toes!). He seems to know exactly what I need at the right time. Why he shows such attentiveness to me, I'll never understand. But I appreciate this gift more than words can say. He desires to please me in everything he does. Not to earn my love...he knows that's unconditional. But it seems that 'stamp of approval' validates all his hard work, effort and energy he put into whatever task he was doing.

He asks me daily, right around dinner time, "So Mom, how's your day been?" As thoughtful as that is, the timing isn't really the best. I'm normally in the heat of dinner preparations and multitasking as many things as I possibly can. I'd love to have a sweet heart to heart with him about my day, but I mostly end up telling him how awesome my day has been because I've had the chance to spend it with him again.

One day recently, I had yet another of my crazy headaches. This seemed to really bother him. I was laying on the bed. He came and brought me a blanket, covered me up and asked if there was anything he could do for me. He made sure the kids were quiet. Then he came back into the room again and asked me an odd question. He says, "Mom, if you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?" I thought for a minute and answered, "Hmmmm, well, my first wish would be more a million more wishes, then I would want to help all the old people in the world, then I'd want to adopt as many orphans as I could and then....". He interrupted me and said, "I thought you'd wish to never have another headache ever again." At least now I know what his wish for me is. How sweet.

But lately, on top of getting my daily progress report, he also asks me, multiple times, "So Mom, what can I do to help lift your shoulders today?" Meaning, how can I help you carry any burdens you might be having? Or he'll word it another way, "What can I do to make your day easier, Mom?" It is then that I always ask myself, "How did I get such a considerate child?" His compassion overwhelms me. It is much appreciated especially when Chuck is out of town. He senses there is a need and finds a way to fill it. But he can only do this for one person. Other people obviously don't have needs. Only me. :) One day, this tenderness will transfer to his wife. Until then, I will enjoy the way he shows me how much he cares and wants to care for me.

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