Jul 9, 2010


7/09/2010 — cori
My goal this summer was to paint all rooms that were left unfinished (in our house, not the whole world - that would have been a little too lofty a goal). Thankfully, I got it done within the first 3 weeks of summer break. Gameroom - finished. Check. Bennett's room - finished. Check. Chloe's room - finished. Check.

I felt like I was competing in HGTV's Design Star show (my absolute favortie!). I was knee-deep in the challenge of completing this in the allotted timeframe (self imposed, obviously) - but that helped up the ante and keep me thinking I was actually competing for some imaginary title. My brain works in mysterious ways. Whatever works to get the job done, I say.

I finished Gavin's room last summer. Poor Bennett and Chloe have had to live amongst 4, bland, white, walls for a whole other year. Horrible. It is actually a disgrace to one who calls herself a 'designer'. Their rooms were void of personality and inspiration. That is...until I sat down and had a good little talk with my new clients.

I love how their rooms reflect each of their personalities. Bennett can't wipe the grin off his face whenever he's in his sports room. He thinks he's the MVP 24/7.

When I asked Chloe if this looked like her, she replied, "Oh yes Mommy! It looks like a little girl who loves dolls, flowers, horses and symphonies." Perfect! A happy client makes a happy mommy!
I 'borrowed' the idea for the names above the closets from this fantastic website! Love it. Since we're so into fonts in this house, each kid was super excited to pick their name in the font that best matches their quirks. It makes personalizing a room quick, easy and fun.

Gavin's room was inspired last year by his own ingenious idea: World Traveling Gavin. Of course, we had to have a green stripe as a compromise since that is his favorite color and I refused to paint the entire room green. Green is only his favorite color because it also starts with the first letter of his name - that is the only reason he likes it. He has a huge map in his room over his desk and we printed out photos of places he'd like to travel to one day (in his green RV - if only dreams do come true!).

There...to quote myself, "I think that pulls everything together nicely, yet sets it apart." You cannot even imagine how much flack I take for that saying - but it's oh-so-true.

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