Aug 26, 2013

Every Parent's Worst Nightmare

8/26/2013 — cori
As I was taking Ninja for her walk one morning I noticed an older guy in a yard trimming a tree.  I have walked this route 2 to 3 times a day (less in the winter of course) every day for over 2 years.  I know almost everyone.  I didn't recognize this gentleman.  Being that this is Minnesota, EVERYONE stops and talks to you - that whole 'Minnesota Nice' thing.  I'm never nervous talking to a stranger - normally.

But today something just seemed 'off'.  You know how as parents we tell our kids not to talk to strangers or don't go with anyone even if they tell you 'your mom told you to come with me'?  Well....I kinda didn't listen to that little voice in my head.

As I'm passing this yard with the guy trimming trees he says to me, "Hi There.  Have you ever seen a baby bunny before?  Would you like to see one now?"

"Ummmm." Trying desperately hard to think of an excuse cuz all my warning signs are going off all at once.  I mean come on, a baby bunny?

"Thanks anyways, but my dog will probably eat it."

"Oh don't worry about that.  Here, let me take your dog, you just go on over there back by the garage.  There's a bush in the corner.  You have to bend down real low to see the duck's nest and right inside there you'll find the baby bunny."

"Ummmm.  Ok."  Idiot.  (I'm referring to myself, not him)

I know he sees the 'gullible' tattoo forever engraved on my forehead because why else would he think I would fall for such a scam as this.  But being that I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and the fact that I can't say no,  I comply.  I meekly hand over Ninja to this complete stranger and head towards the bush.

I bend down long enough to see that there is indeed a duck nest behind the bush but I see no sign of the bunny.  However, since he wants me to see this bunny so badly I act as if I did.  I didn't want him coming over there to help me find the bunny, so I kinda told a little fib.  I was just anxious to get away from there.

He then goes on to give me too much information about how he's just helping his son who lives there trim the house and by the way his son is in NY for the week and there used to be two baby bunnies but he thinks one got eaten.....yadayadayada.

"Ok.  Thank you for that.  Have a nice day."

And I promptly walk away, pulling out my phone to call Chuck immediately so I could tell on myself.  I know it was a dumb thing to do, but I just couldn't make this poor guy feel bad by walking by and being rude.  He immediately told me to call my Dad who would never believe my story.  My Dad who has spent his entire life trying to keep me safe and taught me how to make safe choices.

You would think I was a dumb blonde or something.

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