Apr 5, 2018

Finally Fourteen!

4/05/2018 — cori

It's finally her turn! She has always hated being the youngest. The boys have already "been here, done that"; 14 is old news to them. But to Chloe it represents freedom, getting bigger, being taken more seriously, getting taller - it means everything to her. And she has amazing friends who are lavishing with the one thing she treasures: attention! She loves to be doted on (who doesn't) and remembered (don't we all) and feel special (friends said they were planning a surprise party).  She has completely matured over this past year. Not only has she has had a growth spurt, she's learning to bite her tongue better instead of argue (although, I think she was born to argue - I'm pushing her towards being a social advocate or lawyer so she can use these powers for good instead of evil), to look out for other's needs instead of her own, and that being kind is always better than being fair. 

These pictures are perfect representations of her relationship with her brothers.

She looks too close to Gavin's age in this photo for my liking.

In this picture she's wearing 3 inch heels, so she's not quite as tall as Chuck yet, but she is eating it up in this picture. 

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