Mar 4, 2014

80's Hair

3/04/2014 — cori
Chloe has officially been educated in 80's hairstyles.  I don't know why, but it is all she talks about lately.  I can't even remember how we ever got on the topic or if she saw a picture of it or if this is the latest gossip going around the girls in the 4th grade class at school.  But 80's hair is the IT topic.  She was even drawing a picture of me the other day in what she thought was my 80's hair-do.  She's been begging for details like, why would you do that? how did you make it stand up so high? did it have to be curly too?

Oh the hard work involved in 80's hair.  I must confess though, my bout with 80's hair led well into the 90's.  Big bangs, lots of hairspray, hot rollers all over my head every morning, perfecting the tease, begging for a perm for every birthday.  Oh ya, it was intense.  I literally asked for a perm for at least 3 birthdays that I can remember.  They cost $60!  How in the world was I supposed to get a perm if not for a gift?!  How else was someone with my limp, thin, baby fine, paper straight hair supposed to achieve the heights of poofy hair without the magical perm?

Here is my 10th grade picture. Yes, 1988 friends.  I couldn't even try to duplicate this look for an 80's party now-a-days because we just don't cut our hair the same way. Our bangs were actually cut in a V shape.  Hard to explain, just trust all helped in elevating the curl.  It was an art, maybe even a science that allowed me to achieve such naturally looking poofy hair.  And that is what enabled my future husband to fall in love with me, I'm pretty sure of it.

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