Apr 4, 2020

Quarantine - Week 3

4/04/2020 — cori

We've made it through our third week. I never could have imagined. And I'm a homebody. I love to be at home. For the most part, it's been good. There's been no fights or break-downs. It's peaceful at home. But there's that ever present restlessness. A low-simmering anxiety about when this will all be over and what the world will look like afterwards. This is changing all of us. This image sums up how everyone is feeling. It's good to find humor in our situation - because the alternative is almost too much to bear. Only focusing on the endless news cycle about the virus can send me spiraling down into despair in a matter of minutes.

This website shows the grim reality of what we, as a global community, are dealing with. To know that 4,000+ fellow humans died around this planet of the same virus in just one day breaks my heart to pieces. There are so many sad families navigating grief. There are so many sad circumstances. Too many loosing jobs, health insurance, money. How do we help? It seems that everyone is asking that question - thankfully. I'm reading and listening to ideas all over the internet. I was inspired by this podcast I listened to this week.

I was also inspired by John Krasinski's new YouTube show "Some Good News." I have to purposely seek out good news because bad news is all around us. This little weekly segment has brought a smile to face and hope to my heart. So many people are all working together to help others, show love and kindness, and just be there for each other. This simple thrown together show showcases all this human out-pouring of love and support in this broken world of ours. Thank you, John.

We are not binge watchers. But we're getting pretty close to binge watching this new show we found on Netflix. We watch 2 every night. This show is so well done with so many positive, necessary, timely messages. We are hooked!

This show appeals to our idealistic nature of the type of leadership we wish we had in the White House right now instead of the current failure who is currently residing there. Love this drama! So glad there are 5 seasons worth to hopefully carry us through the end of this quarantine (maybe another 8 weeks?). We will NOT succumb to the "Tiger King" phenomenon - we don't like to fill our brains with junk. But we do eagerly await Season 4 of "Stranger Things." We might even watch 3 or 4 episodes a night. *Gasp!!*

Another thing helping Chuck and I get through are the daily meditations we've been reading from Richard Rohr. These help put things in perspective and are a great way to start the day. We've been talking about them each evening with the kids as well. It leads to some pretty cool discussions.

Speaking of the kids, it wouldn't be a normal night if we weren't playing some type of game. The game this week was Brain Games. We used to watch a show by the same title years ago on the National Geographic Channel and loved it. We even included Gavin in on one of our games via Zoom this week. 

Chloe and Bennett have taken to playing 2 person spike ball in the garage on the not so warm days.

And whenever possible, we play after dinner. And yes, Ninja feels that she should be included in the festivities as well.

I had two work meetings this week. This is proof that I did my hair and makeup at least one day this week. 

Actually, I can't even take credit for doing my hair, Chloe did it for me.

This is my classroom volunteer and friend, Steve. We were FaceTime-ing here trying to collaborate on what to do on our new Google Classroom site for the remaining 8 weeks of school.

Chloe got a creative bee in her bonnet and spent one entire day taking perfectly normal jeans and cutting very intricate holes in them. I'm calling this photo, "Chloe's Sweat Shop."

And here she is painting all by her lonesome. But when the creative urge hits, you gotta obey.

The day before Chloe, Bennett, and I painted our renditions of the famed Arch in Arches National Park in Moab.

I have become "that" person. In the spirit of transparency, I used to silently judge people who ordered groceries online and just parked outside the store while someone brought their groceries to them. For the life of me, I couldn't ever imagine using such a service. I wasn't lazy. I could budget enough time in my week to walk through the store and pick out my own groceries. Then covid-19 hit. And now I am incredibly thankful for this service. I only order my groceries online now. I have gone into the store very quickly (when they didn't have some of the items I ordered)  but it's very nerve wracking given the current state of affairs.

And we couldn't be without tea. Yes, we are tea snobs. Yes, we order our tea online. Yes, we only drink Canadian tea. Judge us if you must. This is who we are.

Here was this week's menu. Full disclosure: we never eat the food on the actual day it is written down. This is a "suggested" menu. We are not ball-and-chained to it. Sometimes I'm just not "feeling it" on a certain day, you know? This is a fluid list, much to my children's chagrin. 

This is me. Every time I sit outside in the sun, this is the picture I have in my head. I AM Wall-E. I open my solar panels and look longingly at the bright, sunny sky and await the vitamin D to shine into my soul and fill me back up again. I have embraced that this is who I am. It's just the way it is.  

I had two whole days of sun this week. These are the tools of my trade. I love you sun!

Routines are important. I make my bed every single morning. It makes me happy.

It makes Chloe happy to sit in her bed most of the day. This is where I find her - reading, doing homework, talking to friends, listening to music. This is her happy place.

And here was this week's book. I read it along side "Optimism Over Despair." I am learning a lot about political science and history in general from Mr. Chomsky. His books are very hard to read because he is so smart (an M.I.T professor). I have to re-read almost every paragraph. But I enjoy the challenge of learning something new. 

I also read this riveting novel in a day in a half.

Lastly, and definitely not least, is this handsome boy. Here he is, hard at work. He is constantly on some type of Zoom meeting. To say he loves his job is an understatement. Everything about it is incredible, from the people he works with, to the projects he works on, to the way they conduct business...it's all top notch and never ceases to amaze him. We are all so thankful that Chuck is able to work from home and that he still has a job during these troubling times. A true gift that we never take for granted.

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