Feb 1, 2009

The Car Wash

2/01/2009 — cori
We are very lucky to have alot of kids in our neighborhood. There are 3 houses full of girls all around Chloe's age on our street. We let the kids play out front together all the time. We're used to hearing girls screaming out in front of our house every afternoon. You know, the 'we're having so much fun the only thing we can do is scream we're so happy' kind of scream. They ride their bikes back and forth on the side walk while they scream. They play chase and scream, they kick the ball, dig in the dirt, play mommy...all while emmiting giddy scream sounds. That's why I was a little concerned when 3 minutes went by and I hadn't heard a single scream. So I went out front to see what the girls were up to.

Leave it to a bunch of girls to organize an impromptu, surprise carwash (thank God it was for the neighbor's car...not mine). They put their collective heads together and this was the best thing they could think of doing. Well why not? They had paper towels. They had hand soap. They had water from my spicket. They had buckets. Seems like the only logical thing to do.

I was so tickled when I walked outside and saw this teamwork. They were soooooo happy. They wanted it to be a surprise for the neighbor girl's mom (believe - was it a surpise! I'm just not sure she thought it as cute and thoughtful as I did). I just had to document this adorable 'play time'.

First, get a bunch of paper towels. Cuz those are great to rub all over the paint job of any car.

Then, run it under the water spicket for a good long time.

Next, wad it up into a ball and scrub your heart out.

If you have any extra vanilla smelling bathroom handsoap, make sure
you squirt ample doses (of the foam) all over the car.

It would help if you beg the neighbor (that would be me) for a water hose to attach to the spicket so that you can get all the soap off faster. I didn't really want to be an accomplice to this 'surprise', but I couldn't in good conscience let vanilla soap be stuck to my neighbor's car along with tons of pieces of wet paper towel. And just look at that teamwork! You go girls!

Voila!! The finished product. Nice, shiny and vanilla scented!

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