Aug 13, 2018


8/13/2018 — cori

I recently bought this adorable little magnet and placed it on the front of the fridge. All the fam ooohed and ahhhhed over it thinking it was THE BEST. Even Chuck, who isn't always the quickest person to noticed little details like this, actually commented on it. 

That's why I was surprised by what he did the other day. I'm sitting there at the island eating breakfast. Chuck is puttering around in the kitchen. Then I notice him get out a tablespoon, fill it with water, walk over to the fridge, and then ever so gently and tenderly begin to water this magnet.

I thought is was the cutest, sweetest thing in the world. I couldn't stop giggling. 

In between fits of laughter, I told him that it didn't need watering, that it was completely fake. But thank you for the compliment thinking that I've been able to keep it alive this long (I DO NOT have a green thumb). 

He said he thought the bottoms of the tendrils were looking a little dry and needed some water. How sweet is that. Even though the water ran straight down the front of the fridge after he 'watered' it, he still didn't know it wasn't real. 

What a thoughtful husband I have. 

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