Feb 9, 2014

Don't Make Me Sigh

2/09/2014 — cori

Apparently, I sigh a lot.  I never really knew this until the kids pointed it out.  I guess over the years I've learned to sigh when I don't know how to handle a parenting situation.  When there's not a rule book to consult in what do in situation x, y or z.  Now I'm left with the task of figuring out what to do all on my own.  That's enough to make anyone sigh.

It's not like they're long drawn out sighs.  Or huffy breaths.  Or sighs with moans attached to them.  Actually, I have my own little patented sigh.  It's a slight inhale then one short breath out followed by a quick quiet inhale and another long breath out (sort of like a cleansing breath).  The kids mimic me EVERY SINGLE TIME.  This is just what I do, I don't even realize it.  I don't do it to get attention.  I don't do it when I'm mad or sad or glad...I just do it Sam I am.  Sorry, I got a little carried away with the Dr. Seuss theme.

As with all things around here, it has turned into a joke.  Chloe, ever sensitive to my altering breaths, moods or nuances, will stop the boys on a dime with the phrase, "Boys, you don't want to make mom sigh do you?"  That would be the worst thing that could happen.  It would mean her world and mine are not in a state of peace anymore.

It's a great way to defuse a volatile situation, especially in our house.  All I have to say is say, "Don't make me sigh" and everyone becomes sweet little angels once more.  Oh if parenting were really that easy....

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